2020 Indigenous & Black Youth Support Fund

The Black Youth Initiative is a grassroots initiative led by three Black femmes with the intersections of being Refugees, Migrants, Muslim, and Queer, who seek to bridge the communal solidarity between Indigenous and Black communities across BC and Turtle Island.

The Initiative recently awarded funding to 14 projects through the 2020 Indigenous & Black Youth Support Fund, supporting important youth-initiated community work addressing issues ranging from combating black maternal health disparities to alleviating financial barriers to participating in bead work. Check out their latest blog post to learn more about all the amazing projects that were funded.

Through the support of a partnership between LEVEL Youth Organizing and Check Your Head, the 2020 Indigenous & Black Youth Support Fund offered low-barrier funds to Indigenous and Black youth between 18 and 30 years old to support their grassroots organization and facilitation efforts.

“This fund is flexible to folks who intend to pursue projects that are community based. No limitation will be placed on the type of project being pursued.

We strongly encourage Indigenous and Black youth who are artists, sex workers, birth workers, facilitators to apply to the fund.

Projects or activities that intend to be undertaken can be discussed on a case to case basis. We encourage folks to imagine how they can leverage this funding to create sustainable healing and growth opportunities for themselves and their communities.

Funds can be used to support any current ongoing project or new projects being undertaken.”

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