LEVEL /ˈlɛv(ə)l/

Verb: To bring to a common plane or level; to make something fair or even

Adjective: To have the same relative position; not above or below

LEVEL is a youth engagement initiative of Vancouver Foundation, shaped by an Advisory Committee of youth and adult allies, that aims to address racial inequity. We do this by investing in the leadership capacity of Indigenous and racialized immigrant and refugee youth and creating more opportunities throughout the non-profit and charitable sector.

Despite being the fastest growing youth populations in B.C., they don’t have the same opportunities as other young people. Race continues to be a factor that hinders their ability to have a say on decisions that impact their lives.

LEVEL empowers these youth by building their capacity to challenge and change those systems that impact their ability to build a more just world.

The Youth Public Policy Program is a seven-month leadership program for a cohort of 12 young people to learn about the public policy process and how to influence it. The cohort will learn from a diverse faculty with experience in public policy as they develop projects important to them.

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Social change has often been ignited by grassroots community efforts. Youth Organizing provides opportunities to support grassroots campaigns led by young leaders who are tackling the most pressing issues impacting them. Campaigns may look different to reflect on the issue or the youth involved, but all will share the same goal: to create lasting, systemic change.

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The Youth Granting program provides grants to non-profits and charities looking to create more staff and board governance leadership opportunities for the youth populations LEVEL is prioritizing.

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