Mohammed Zaqout

Mohammed was born and raised in a refugee camp in Gaza- Palestine. He holds a degree from the University of Palestine with an honors in Business Administration and Accounting.

Since moving to the unceded land of the Coast Salish peoples’, Mohammed has been advocating for refugee claimants’ housing, right to work, and helping them find belonging through his work with different organizations. This has included his current position at Kinbrace Community Society as a Housing & Employment Worker and previous internship position as an Administrative Assistant with the Multi-Agency Partnership (MAP BC) and Zaytuna Services Society. He was also a 2020 Simon Fraser University RADIUS fellow and Refugee Livelihood Lab – Beyond Borders participant.

He is working on a wide variety of projects including addressing the economic immobilities of racialized migrant youth with Solid State Community Industries, and a Research Assistant and Country Co-Investigator (CCI) on the Global Leadership & Organizational Behavior Effectiveness (GLOBE) with SFU.

Mohammed is currently a member of the City of Vancouver’s Racial and Ethno-Cultural Equity Advisory Committee and Co Director of LightWork Consulting Cooperative.