Fernanda Diaz Osorio

Fernanda is an uninvited guest in Coast Salish lands where she moved from her dear city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Fernanda graduated from the University of British Columbia in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. She laughs and smiles, especially when surrounded by passionate friends who want to change the world. Fernanda dreams of increasing educational opportunities for LatinX children and hopes never to lose her curiosity. She loves complex questions, trying new things, and despite growing up in the city, she has fun getting her hands dirty (with soil)! She enjoys meeting strangers and is a small talk fan. Fernanda is excited to be part of the LEVEL Youth Policy Program and cannot wait to explore BC from a policy standpoint. She starts every day with a cup of coffee and writes everything on her google calendars. She de-stresses by running in False Creek, and she is grateful to the urban planners who decided to build so many tennis courts in Vancouver!

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